Speed, Transmission and Power with the Ford F-150 Truck

Among the features we look for in a vehicle are speed settings, power, and transmission types. We at Penske Ford La Mesa assure that our 2019 Ford F-150 trucks have the right settings that will keep you happy throughout the duration of ownership. The engines will leave you satisfied, especially since this vehicle comes with multiple engines.

One feature of one of the engines is the 2.7L EcoBoost with a 10-speed transmission. This gives you a lot to work with when it comes to your vehicle. The power given by this vehicle will impress you with how well it performs and how much you can save in fuel.

Another good thing about this vehicle is that the engine is durable because of the material it is made of. The upper block and cylinders are made of high-strength graphite iron which will help the engine hold together while giving you a great performance.

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