A Mustang for the Modern World

What do you look for when selecting a new car? We here at Penske Ford La Mesa understand that what’s under the hood is just as important as what the car looks like. That’s why we’re excited to present this popular and redesigned sports car

Choose your model. You can choose from both the classic design or the convertible. With the cloth convertible top, you won’t even hear it with its quiet design.

The center latch allows you to open or close it from the driver’s seat and it folds securely in the back so that you can enjoy the sun and wind.

So where will your 2018 Ford Mustang take you? We want to invite you to visit us in La Mesa so that you can see these features and more for yourself. We can answer the questions that you have on the Mustang, and most importantly set you up with a test drive in the redesigned Mustang.

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