Making A Comfortable Vehicle Decision

When you're looking for a mid-sized vehicle, you likely want a few comfort features for yourself and your passengers. You can find these features in the Ford Flex. There's a third-row seat for when you need to carry a few extra passengers. However, the seat folds down for additional cargo space as well.

Heated seats are relaxing to sit on whether you're the driver or the passenger in La Mesa, CA. More headroom makes it easier to get in and out of the vehicle. Keep your hands warm in the winter by putting them on the heated steering wheel, especially if you don't have gloves available.

The VistaRoof allows for letting in sunlight and moonlight no matter when you're driving during the day. A spacious center console offers cupholders for beverages and a port for charging your electronic device. Penske Ford La Mesa can discuss some of the power-assist features as well.

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