There should be no reason you should ever burn through the oil in your Ford car, truck or SUV. Maintaining a regular schedule of checking and changing your oil is as important to you vehicle as putting gas in it. When the time comes to get your oil changed out, schedule an appointment with the experts at Penske Ford.

How to Maintain Proper Oil Levels

Keeping an eye on the level and quality of the motor oil in your Ford car is getting even easier than ever. You can check it yourself whenever you stop for gas. Simply find your oil dipstick, wipe it clean and put it back in. Pull it out again and check to make sure the oil level is present between the two indicators on the dip stick. If it's low, fill it up. Check the color of the oil, as well. It should be either brown or black. If it looks a little off, bring your car into Penske Ford and we'll sort it out.

When to Schedule an Oil Change with Penske Ford

  • When your vehicle's indicator light alerts you it is time
  • 2008 or newer Ford: 7,500 miles or six months
  • 2007 or older Ford: 5,000 miles or six months
  • When in doubt, check your owner's manual that you keep in your glove box.

Once you schedule your appointment, check for < a href="/parts-service-coupons/index.htm"> service specials and coupons on our website, to make sure you save a little bit of money. You can't beat the Penske Ford oil change prices. Don't neglect your Ford car, truck or SUV. Conveniently located in La Mesa, Penske Ford is just a short trip from Chula Vista and El Cajon, but we service all of San Diego County. We are the spot Santee drivers turn to when the inevitable comes and you need a specialist to change your oil, filter, rotate tires or check your battery. When the time comes, visit Penske Ford in La Mesa and we'll set you up.

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