Here's What You Need to Know to Care for Your Vehicle This Summer

You've put some serious time into your summer vacation plans. Don't let that time go to waste due to an ill-equipped vehicle. While winters are usually regarded as the tougher season for our vehicles, the summer heat can take its toll on our favorite cars, trucks, and SUVs. Whether you're interested in visiting one of the many national parks that make our state a one-of-a-kind destination or are simply preparing a family trip to the local theme park or water park to escape the heavy summer heat, you should have confidence that no matter where your final destination lies, you'll be able to get there without issue.

Check Off These Crucial Boxes Before Embarking on Your Summer Journey

  • Equip your vehicle with a new battery: Most folks expect dead batteries will come with crisp and cold weather. You'd be surprised, but we see a lot of confused folks arriving at our dealership with dead batteries. You ideally want a perfect middle-ground temp for a happy and healthy battery. Excessive heat and vibration while trekking off-roads in the desert can lead to some seriously unpleasant consequences (like getting stuck in the middle of nowhere)!
  • Fill up on fluids: Don't set off without checking your engine oil, coolant, and washer fluid levels. The last thing you want is your engine overheating while stuck in traffic!
  • Get you’re A/C unit checked up and in working order: Air conditioning is one of those things we often overlook as busy drivers in the La Mesa, El Cajon, and Chula Vista area. Don't let that finnicky air conditioning system pump semi-cool or warm air any longer, bring it to Penske Ford La Mesa to have us check it out and repair it in as little time as possible.

Visit our coupons page and set up a service appointment at your earliest convenience to make sure your summer plans stay on track as intended!

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